Coffee in the Barn

Season 2 - Episode 3: Career Map with Amanda Minton

June 28, 2022 The Sunswine Group Season 2 Episode 3
Coffee in the Barn
Season 2 - Episode 3: Career Map with Amanda Minton
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About the Guest:

Amanda holds a Bachelor’s degree in Animal Science from Purdue University and a Master’s in Reproductive Physiology from the University of Missouri. Her graduate research focused on heat stress in parity 1 sows. Prior to working for Acuity, Amanda was on the Technical Services team for PIC and provided support to customer boar studs and sows farms in the U.S. and abroad. After working for PIC, Amanda joined The Maschhoffs to oversee the boar studs and provide guidance on reproductive research. Her responsibilities at Acuity include operational and technical oversight of Acuity boar studs, supporting contract and customer studs, on-farm reproductive and technical support and leading reproductive-focused research. 

About our Founder:

Casey Bradley PhD is an Experienced Animal Scientist and Nutritionist that has worked with swine, poultry, ruminants, and pets. Specialties include product development, technical writing, and presentations, research, technical sales, mentoring, and networking. Academic training includes nutrition, immunology, and animal wellbeing. She has presented at large conferences in USA, Canada, Greece, and Denmark. Work experience includes farm management, research management, technical service and sales, regulatory, project management, and employee management.

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