Coffee in the Barn

9. A profesional and Personal Journey with Marc De Beer

April 07, 2022 The Sunswine Group Season 1 Episode 9
Coffee in the Barn
9. A profesional and Personal Journey with Marc De Beer
Show Notes

Join Marc de Beer, President of Aviagen as he tells us about his exciting career in Animal Nutrition and Health, how he went from technical service to the  executive corner and all the different perspectives and experiences he went through while traveling around the world.

About our Founder:

Casey Bradley Ph.D. is an Experienced Animal Scientist and Nutritionist that has worked with swine, poultry, ruminants, and pets. Specialties include product development, technical writing, and presentations, research, technical sales, mentoring, and networking. Academic training includes nutrition, immunology, and animal wellbeing. She has presented at large conferences in USA, Canada, Greece, and Denmark. Work experience includes farm management, research management, technical service and sales, regulatory, project management, and employee management.

About the Guest:

Dr. Marc de Beer, President of Aviagen® North  America, is among four industry leaders recently appointed to the Board of Directors  of the U.S. Poultry & Egg Association (USPOULTRY). USPOULTRY is one of the  world’s largest and most active poultry organizations, and is responsible for bringing  thousands of industry professionals from around the globe together in Atlanta each  year for the International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE).

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